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Article Title

Author_A* Author_B**

* Author_A’s Affiliation

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The abstract should contain 300 to 600 words. It should indicate the sources used and summarize the most important results. Please ask an editor to review and revise the layout and contents before submitting your essay.

Keywords: Nature Dye, fibers, craftsmanship, Intangible cultural heritage, Eco cultural

Notes to Authors

  1. English Paper format demand : (A.P.A MANUAL 6/E) [American Psychological Association. (2011). Publishing manual of the American Psychological Association, 6th ed.

  1. Essay presentation : The abstract should contain 300 to 600 words. Full papers should be limited to 10 pages(10000words) with all contents.

  2. Poster presentation : should be A1 format print (594x 841mm)

  1. The final version of the manuscript must be received by April 30, 2014.

  2. The first page of the manuscript should include "The title of the manuscript", "The Author(s)","The abstract", and" The keywords".
    A footnote on the same sheet should in order given the names, departments, institutions and countries. The abstract should be 300 to 600 words. The number of the keywords should be limited to five ; while the prefix of the first should be capitalized.
    Papers should be limited to 10 pages with all contents .

  3. Manuscripts should be typed, size 12 font, 18 point spaced selected. The margin layout of the document should be 3 centimeter on left and right side, and each side and 2.7 centimeter on top and bottom.

  4. Any manuscript that does not follow the guild lines above notes above will not be accepted. Tables and figures should be numbered consecutively in Arabic numerals and the pixel of the graph should be used in at least 300 dpi for quality control. Both tables and figures should come with titles ; while the title should be put over the table and under the figure. The appropriate place for each table or figure should be marked in the text. The legends and titles on tables and figures must be sufficiently descriptive such that they are understandable without reference to the text. Each citation should be marked by [1], [2], etc. Important formulate should be numbered consecutively throughout the manuscript as EQ1, EQ2, etc. Lengthy derivation should only be included as an appendix.

  5. References
    Alphabetize references by the last name of a sole author, a first author, or by the name of a corporate author. Please set such as
    Chen, 2013in back of the paragraphs that was used in order to recognize the references. Please type the name of periodical, conference paper title, and Name of Book in italicized 12 point Times New Roman. Use “&” instead of the word “and ” for more than two authors.