International Forum on Natural Dyes & WEFT TAIWAN 2014

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The International Symposium Economic Natural Dyes (ISEND) is organized by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and the World Craft Council (WCC) emphasized in the revival of the development of natural dye in the economic industry. These dyes are used in fabrics, cosmetics, hair, color and food coloring etc.


The World Eco-Fiber and Textile Forum (WEFT) was held in Sarawak, Malaysia in September, 1999. Since then WEFT forum was held once every one to two years. Started in 2012, the ISEND and WEFT Forum will be held simultaneously.

The first ISEND-WEFT was held in Hyderbad, India in 2006, and was organized by UNESCO and the Crafts Council of India. Since then, three further events have been held in Korea (2009; organized by Professor Kim Ji-Hee, the Museum of Natural Dye Arts and the City of Daegu), France (2011; organized by Dominique Cardon and Anne De La Sayette), and Malaysia (2012; organized by Society Atelier Sarawak). The forum aims to be a platform for discussing critical issues related to the cultural and economic revival of natural dyes and fibers.

Toward an Eco Culture

Since prehistoric times, discovering, using, and refining natural dyes and fibres has been passed down to successive generations within families or communities. At the beginning of the 19th century, the discovery of synthetic fibres and colorants has shifted from small-batch craftsmanship to mechanization and mass production.

The large-scale production of synthetic dyes and fibres has resulted in high levels of environmental pollution, a reliance on finite fossil fuels, and a loss of ancient techniques and knowledge. Today due to the eco-friendly products and an international concern for preserving natural environments, the nature dye industry is experiencing a revival.

However, the nature dye industry is currently mature and enters the stage of recovery. Over the past decade, the Taiwan-island has become the best example of the use of natural dyes.

ManyTaiwanese craft creators, atelier and companies”- are keen to tap into an environmentally friendly, socially engaged products.Taiwan government such as the Ministry of Culture and its affiliated institute, National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute, is making a effort to promote nature dyeing with zeal. Therefore, this attracts great attention and trust by the international community of nature dyeing and recommend Taiwan to host 2014 ISEND-WEFT symposium.

ISEND-WEFT 2014: Open call for participants

Organized by the National Taiwan Craft Research Institute, ISEND-WEFT 2014 invites practitioners, researchers, scholars, and other natural dye and fibre professionals to come to Taiwan and exchange ideas on the theme "Toward an Eco Culture".


Sterring Organization:

Organizer :

Organization in charge : Chaoyang University of Technology

Abstract Deadline : April 1, 2014 (extend April 30, 2014)
Full paper submission Deadline : June 15, 2014
Conference Date : October 15-16, 2014

Address : 168, Jifeng E. Wufeng District, Taichung, 41349 Taiwan, R. O. C.


Essay Discipline

The subjects of the essays can be based on Science, History, Archeology, Biology, Art, Design Science and other scientific research papers.


Essay topic is divided into two categories of International Symposium Economic Natural Dyes ( ISEND) and World Eco-Fiber and Textile Forum (WEFT) such as :

  1. Theme thinking about ECO culture Creation Research

  2. Natural dyed or fibre materials and scientific and technological research

  3. Natural dyed or fibre techniques and equipment research

  4. Natural dyed or fibre training and cooperation

  5. Natural dyeing or textile industry management and organization

  6. Natural dyed or fibre design and product marketing

  7. The traditional natural fibres dyed or cultural preservation

  8. Natural dyed or fibre exhibitions and international exchange activities

  9. Case studies and other related topics.




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